September 22, 2023

The Male Rose

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Designed to realistically simulate oral sex by stimulating the head of the penis with rotation and vibration, The Male Rose is a hand-held masturbator with a stretchy textured cup, a pair of luscious lips at the opening, and a conveniently long handle. Power on The Male Rose to experience ten modes of powerful vibration, pulsation, and escalation combined with five speeds of 360-degree rotation and prepare to enjoy a whole new level of self-stimulation. Quiet, easy to hold, and simple to operate using the button controls on the extended-reach handle, the USB rechargeable Male Rose offers easy cleanup via the detachable cup.

Height: 10

Width: 3

Length: 3.5

Weight: 14.8

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June 8, 2022

Rose Shape Vagina Stimulator and Nipple Sucker

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It’s definitely all coming up roses with this flower-shaped vibrator. Offering tongue-teasing and licking designed to fulfill every oral desire, this rose-shaped vibrator is ideal for use around the nipples and on the clitoris. Small enough to accompany you during travel and fun enough to use wherever you are, expect intense vibrations and multiple orgasms — whether you are a party of one or have company.

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