July 7, 2022

AtreGo SKUD44572 breathable work…

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But even because of this plasticity, there is also a slack in the toe. The main thing is that they really breathe, wearing them is more convenient than proven brands. That is, a slight feeling of laxity, as in the previous model, is present here.
The outsole is different from previous boots. The review turned out to be too lengthy again to check whether the sneakers will fall apart in real use after a long time. My usual European shoe size is 41, and the foot length is 26 cm. Size 42 fits perfectly, so I recommend take a size larger than your usual. After that, I was asked in PM to do a free-looking shoe test, I agreed on a review with the manufacturer and received them a month later. I chose black sneakers, they are more sporty in appearance than the previous ones, there is even an interesting pattern on the toe.
this is how the toe looks when the toes are bent Since I myself still wear the first boots. Hello everyone! In May, I wrote a review on protected boots from the same brand. Starting from June 2020, the boots are being tested in production. Let’s look at them from different angles.
Here is a photo of this fabric from the inside
Under the insole there is a Kevlar insert from punctures, check it below Testing by time in real production, nails, cargo, water, oil, temperature.

I personally called these shoes sneakers because https://jiji.ng/dutse/land-and-plots-for-sale they have a looser design and are lighter than the previous model. Put a lot of effort into testing and verified by real operation in production.
So with the already established good attitude towards the brand, I began to scrupulously test these shoes. This is how the outsole behaves when flexing
I personally took size 42. I will also show how the first boots look after 8 months of everyday hard use.
Inside soft foam insole The boots come in a postal package, and inside the manufacturer’s name package.
The sidewalls of the sneakers are made of fabric, the fabric is not transparent, but it breathes. Sneakers sit comfortably on the foot, For all the time there are no questions about rubbing or calluses, no negativity.
The laces are round, strong enough More precisely, I gave it to a friend with whom we work hand in hand every day. Very flexible sole, gives freedom to the foot. In general, I was pleased with the feedback after that review, and there are mentions in the reviews. But these are exactly the averages for MiFit. that is, it can be less and more per day.
This is what it looks like on a person from all sides In use, I already had plenty of protected shoes from famous brands, so there is something to compare with The nature of the work involves a large number of foot passes, so on average the boots can withstand 15,000 steps.
The toe is protected by metal, There are real differences from the previous model. Photos not saved..
The sole is soft, plastic There are several colors and sizes to choose from for this lot There are no rubber outgrowths here, just a wavy protector.

AtreGo SKUD44572 breathable work shoes. Sneakers look quite nice, we will move on to testing

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