Replacing the display on a Tecno SPARK 6 GO (Ke5 Ke5j Ke5k) smartphone

Snap off the cover with a pick or a card How to buy cheaper. It is glued to the left of the bottom board. p.s I bought for 2255r, now it’s more expensive because of the horse ruble exchange rate in aliexpress itself, but there is an easy way to reduce the price. Next, peel […]

Upgrading a Fisher radio with an Mp3 and WAV module

I did not touch the scale. Then I started rebuilding the radio. I started with the speakers. Therefore, I decided to make the front panel heavier in the simplest way, namely, to fill it with something like concrete. A clean, flat surface is absolutely not beautiful, I had to put a grate from Leningrad-001. And […]

AtreGo SKUD44572 breathable work…

But even because of this plasticity, there is also a slack in the toe. The main thing is that they really breathe, wearing them is more convenient than proven brands. That is, a slight feeling of laxity, as in the previous model, is present here. The outsole is different from previous boots. The review turned […]

External battery Xiaomi Power…

Ordinary "banks" start to screw up after 1.7. 1.8A. Now checking the USB-C output Battery capacity 10000mAh 3.7V (37Wh) On the back, detailed performance characteristics of the device. Please note, it shows support for fast charging of common types, including Samsung and Huawei. Notice the support for Power Delivery, 9/12V modes, and Samsung AFC 9V […]

Monocular 40×60 with tripod

Shooting with the tripod that comes with the kit is even more difficult. The monocular came in a colored box, which also does not belong to any company. But there is a slot through which it can be fixed with a thread on the monocular mount. Another night shot near the house, about 45 meters […]

Review of the 70mai M500 compact…

Once enabled, it will become available for activation in the mobile app. In the main window of the mobile application, you can view the image in real time, and below the button to view the footage and take a photo. While browsing, an unusual interface is available, which shows what kind of file it is, […]

USB-C PD tester Fnirsi FNC88…

Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Launch the update program on the PC. In terms of its capabilities, it is in no way inferior to its direct competitor in the person of RD TC66. There are no instructions or links to download the software, only the device itself. Plastic strips are […]