June 28, 2022

External battery Xiaomi Power…

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Ordinary "banks" start to screw up after 1.7. 1.8A.
Now checking the USB-C output Battery capacity 10000mAh 3.7V (37Wh) On the back, detailed performance characteristics of the device. Please note, it shows support for fast charging of common types, including Samsung and Huawei. Notice the support for Power Delivery, 9/12V modes, and Samsung AFC 9V and Huawei FCP. This is a 10’000 mAh power bank that supports fast and wireless charging protocols. Working.
There are no questions about QC modes, they are working out. Model number PLM11ZM At the same time, I check the end-to-end charging – the power bank is working, the output voltage is 4.84V. For starters, I just check with the tester in automatic mode (USB-A output) Since the topic of power banks has already gone, I will add a review-report on another excellent model from Xiaomi. The device can charge up to three devices at the same time (!). You can check it at www.mi.com/verify
9V / 2A mode
Inside, like a nesting doll, there is another cardboard box.
A minimum capacity of 6000mAh is declared if the battery is discharged with a current of 3A at a voltage of 5V. Input interface Type C Moreover, the soldering iron requires fast charging 9V, otherwise there will be no necessary 18W and heating of the tip. Battery type Li-polymer Battery Good result for PLM11ZM! USB Type C USB-A connectors on the top panel, there is also an indication and a power button. Characteristics, capacitance, output currents are honest. Testing charging protocols. Typical packaging from Xiaomi – a white box with a printed image of a power bank (black). Using a power bank Product name 10000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank Please under cat.

External battery Xiaomi Power Bank 10000mAh with support for Qi Wireless and PD/QC3.0 technologies (PLM11ZM)

The power bank has a built-in coil Qi Wireless / This is a fair move on the part of the manufacturer. Checking the weight (on a 305 g scale). Power bank in a protective plastic bag, for protection against fingerprints. There is a USB Type-C output with PD/QC3.0 (9V/12V). To test, I connect one external battery to another (PLM11ZM https://jiji.com.et/safety-equipment/nursing powers PLM06ZM). The design is minimalistic.
12V / 1.5A mode
The 5V/3A mode is maintained correctly, the voltage does not drop (5.1V), despite a decent current.
There is a sticker that guarantees the authenticity of the device. As for the case, it is an aluminum O-profile, the ends are plastic. No 20V support, and no Huawei SCP either. I connect the whimsical soldering iron TS80. Specifications: One of the surfaces is made for Qi-charging.
Now the opposite. Appearance – a flat compact power bank made of black plastic.

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