March 16, 2022

Methods to Block Someone on Hangouts

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When it comes to hindering people on Hangouts, you can actually do it by using your mobile phone. Open the app and tap over the “+” icon to open the settings menu. Following that, select “Blocked people” inside the left-hand menu and engage on it. Following selecting blocked people, a confirmation window will be. Simply harness the “Block” option to confirm the process. You will certainly be able to wedge the person upon Hangouts.

Should you be using a cell device, the procedure is even simpler. To block someone in Hangouts, you simply need to add them to the app. Click on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of your window. From here, select “Block & Report” next for the person you would like to block. Likely to have to confirm the actions. Your new contact will be blocked from getting in touch with you.

You can even block a person about Google+ by using the “block” option in the drop-down menu pack. Then, you will have to confirm the actions by pressing the validate button. On the other hand, you may also choose to prevent the person about Hangouts using the desktop internet version. Make absolutely certain you have a high-speed web connection when you sign in on your computer system. And as for the purpose of blocking an individual on Hangouts, be sure to choose the right method.

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