June 17, 2022

Monocular 40×60 with tripod

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Shooting with the tripod that comes with the kit is even more difficult. The monocular came in a colored box, which also does not belong to any company. But there is a slot through which it can be fixed with a thread on the monocular mount. Another night shot near the house, about 45 meters away. The tripod, although with rigid stands, is very flimsy, besides it bends under a slight load.

Monocular 40×60 with tripod

Is she different from others? Now some examples of photos taken with a monocular. So: Tripod with swivel head, with standard 1/4" camera thread.
It is quite possible to use just as a monocular. As a result, this device can be considered as a toy, at least for taking pictures with a smartphone. It seemed to me that such a design should be more stable. Promotional photos from the product page show pictures at a distance of up to 2 km. It has to be fixed at an angle. I will try to repeat them. But for the eyepiece, the cover does not have such a mount. Tripod length approx. 138 mm, height 125 mm unloaded when unfolded. As a result, the eyepiece is not mounted evenly, which complicates shooting. Voirists who like to watch neighbors’ windows will really like it. Secondly, usually the camera on a smartphone is quite close to the edge (at least on my Redmi 3), so there’s nothing to catch on at all. Of course, shooting with a tripod is a pleasure.
Based on this, we obtain that the magnification of the monocular is 42/5=8.4x (well, almost 10x).
The clip for attaching the phone is also made of plastic.
If the legs are extended: 200mm folded and 170mm in working order

I want to say right away that despite the fact that the tripod does not contain bending parts, under load the “legs” can move apart and the height may fluctuate depending on the load on it.That is why, above, I indicated its height without load.
Below is a photo of the moon (lucky, it was a full moon). Photos are published without additional processing (only cropped to size). The first picture is an object located about 2 km away.
The second one was 4 kilometers away from me (I already understood this when I found it on Google Earth) Shooting was done with hands and the smartphone was not always installed horizontally. Legs retractable.
It is also possible to move the eyecup frame away from the eyepiece lens. In the parameters it is written that the magnification of the monocular is 10x.
These are the consequences of the fact that using a clip it is difficult to place a smartphone camera on the same axis as the lenses, due to the rounded corners of the case.
I came for a review almost the same, but No name. First, as I said, there is a chance that the phone will slip out. There is a rather tight spring in the clothespin, and a layer of not very thick rubberized gasket is glued on the “cheeks”. They rotate smoothly, nothing dangles, so the selected parameters will remain unchanged. Measure the diameter of the exit pupil. I took this shot with a Velbon CX660 tripod. Using the clip is not very convenient.
It is better to choose a product with a different mount.
Included, as discussed, is the monocular itself, two protective covers for the eyepiece and lens, a tripod, a clip for attaching a smartphone, a case that can be worn on a belt, a cord that can be worn on the arm. The lens cap has a ring that keeps it on the monocular when the cap is removed. Length — 140 mm Shooting is at an angle, the mobile phone strives to slip out of the clip. The set differs not only in the absence of a sticker. In addition, the phone is attached not with a holder, but with a clip. Rings for adjusting the diopter and focus are also made of rubber.
Recently there was a review of a monocular from Panda. From the side of the eyepiece — 44 mm Due to this, it fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip. The surface of the monocular is covered with rubber, in addition, it has many pointed protrusions. The following picture of the moon was taken during the day from the hands (birds got into the lens). The weight of the product is 266 grams.
It turned out https://jiji.ng/72-fish-bowls to be about 5 mm. He wiggles at every touch. Comes with a small tripod with rigid "legs". Or rather, in some photos on the product page, labels above the specified company slip through, but on my copy there is just a place for a sticker. This clip is very inconvenient to use. Until you catch the moon in the lens … Still, again, in my model, the back cover is rounded at the edges. The smartphone holds well, but it is advisable to hold it just in case. At the bottom there is a metal sleeve with a thread for a tripod. Enlightenment of green lenses. The pictures show that one side is darkened. Two rubber covers protecting the lenses.
Aluminum legs, plastic stops at the bottom Of course, the tripod glides perfectly on the surface on which it is installed. plastic (except for the fixing screw), even a thread.
Objective lens diameter 42 mm, eyepiece lens 18 mm. Diameter from the side of the lens — 52 mm Another version of a monocular for a mobile phone.

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