July 28, 2022

Replacing the display on a Tecno SPARK 6 GO (Ke5 Ke5j Ke5k) smartphone

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Snap off the cover with a pick or a card How to buy cheaper. It is glued to the left of the bottom board. p.s I bought for 2255r, now it’s more expensive because of the horse ruble exchange rate in aliexpress itself, but there is an easy way to reduce the price. Next, peel off the bottom board, preheating. For example, if you buy them in a qiwi wallet, then you will need to pay (on 03/13/22) 3850 rubles, instead of 4750 r, which are displayed on the product page. The idea for We install everything that was removed in a new frame, just do not glue the battery, we need to check the display – everything is fine with me: the touchscreen is bright and works fine.
Remove the protection of the battery So, the display arrived intact, also included were screwdrivers with a suction cup and pick (standard blue, disposable).
So, unscrew all the screws. I removed immediately with a vibration motor. In fact, you just need to transfer the details of the phone to a new frame, which is what we will do.
… but more on that at the end of the review.
The bottom board

Replacing the display on a Tecno SPARK 6 GO (Ke5 Ke5j Ke5k) smartphone

But sharp, be careful. Hello everyone! In this review, I will show how the display changes on the Tecno SPARK 6 GO smartphone. Buy dollars and pay with them already. Remove the system board. Replacement is simple and quick, you need a minimum of tools. I peeled it off with Galosh gasoline (you can also use isopropyl alcohol), it softens the glue well, but you can also warm it up. Don’t forget about the screw, it’s behind the sticker. I ordered it assembled with a frame collectiveray, because the old one was bent. As a rule, the rate will be much lower.

Adhesive tape for attaching the battery is already available.
The board is closer
Before all work, disconnect the battery! Savings are good.
Now peel off the battery. They are of different lengths, remember where which. I hooked it with a scalpel – it is thin and hard enough.
Next, peel off the buttons, the speaker and the lower cable that connects the speaker to the board. After we finally collect everything and rejoice)
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