June 8, 2022

Review of the 70mai M500 compact…

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Once enabled, it will become available for activation in the mobile app.
In the main window of the mobile application, you can view the image in real time, and below the button to view the footage and take a photo. While browsing, an unusual interface is available, which shows what kind of file it is, the speed of movement and the ability to download it to your smartphone. Of course, the main decisive factor when choosing a DVR was and is the resulting video quality. It is better to familiarize yourself with the instructions in advance, because it describes in detail about the connection, and this is sometimes important. In the main menu there is a menu item "connection in the car" and here you can add a device that reads the tire pressure and distribute them in the desired sequence for control.
Appearance At the same time, the holder is not solid, which simplifies the moment of cooling the DVR case. So it immediately becomes clear that the registrar shoots in Ultra HD resolution, viewing angle up to 170 degrees, built-in
flash memory, geolocation via GPS and WiFi connection. You may notice that the holder does not have the ability to rotate the camera along the vertical axis, but only the tilt along the horizontal axis is regulated. For example, the choice of resolution is offered in as many as 4 options, and all of them support 30 frames per second. The 70mai M500 compact DVR is great value for money. For these purposes, a plastic complete spatula is suitable.
Maximum resolution file property Above, I have already mentioned the various capabilities of the DVR that make it easier for the driver to move, but there is another one that I first meet in the DVR and
in part, it is really important, as it allows you to notify the driver about a flat tire.
The box with the Hardwire Kit UP03 contains a really minimal amount of information about the contents. On the external unit there are 2 connectors at the outputs, which can be obtained 2.4 A and 1A. The wire length is more than 2 meters and at the Type-C end. In this case, 70mai Dash Cam M500 adequately analyzes the distance to cars or pedestrians and warns in advance of the approach. That’s why I have two boxes. The 5-megapixel sensor from OMNIVISION’s OS05A10 shows excellent results, allowing you to view license plates on oncoming and passing cars at different speeds.
The power supply is unusually built, since most DVRs use a one-piece unit with a wire. 70mai stepped forward and divided it. 32GB, So, the connection of the DVR is designed for a fairly large voltage range from 12 to 30 volts, while the output will be 5 V and 2.4 A. The operating mode can be seen by the color illumination located on this button. product model – 70mai Dash Cam M500; Grey, metallic.
On the side of the connector, you can see the hole in the emergency reset button. Frequency — 30 frames per second;
There are no LED indicators on the car power supply. Everything fit on 3 pages. At the time of working in memory, files are created and distributed into folders depending on the purpose. Voice control, albeit in English.

Review of the 70mai M500 compact DVR: a smart assistant for safe driving

Slightly below I have collected a small video report using the 70mai M500 DVR under various conditions and resolutions, and the original files can be seen below. processor – NT96580. 64GB, Of course, at night, the quality is expected to drop and it is not always possible to distinguish license plates, but it all depends on the headlights and street lighting. And the connector where the DVR should be connected is highlighted in red. But
commands are supported only in English, although even my imperfect English DVR parses and performs functions. Judging by the description, the update affected quite a few parameters. However, many still sin using interpolation.
I suggest you look at the DVR settings menu right away.
The video recorder is installed in the holder until it clicks and is actually securely held by plastic latches located in the platform. On the wire is a small stabilizing block indicating brief technical characteristics. Therefore, before installation, we clearly determine the installation site. The holder has a hole for connecting the power supply. 3 versions of DVRs with different memory sizes are available:
In addition, all this can be seen on the video files being shot. And for these purposes, you need to activate the corresponding function and install the cable, otherwise we will receive a message that the launch is not ready. The 70mai Dash Cam M500 boasts a wide choice of usable resolutions at 30fps. The variety of car gadgets is surprising, but sometimes there is a novelty that is really worth talking about. As it is already clear that all settings can be made only through the mobile application. The manufacturer does not hide his hardware, but this is the NT96580 processor and the OS05A10 matrix. Voice control. The instruction also contains the Russian language. Therefore, it is better to download the update to a smartphone with a WiFi connection. Original in video folder. It is inconvenient to activate the connection of the access point, set the appropriate menu item and it will start automatically.
Update The wire is almost 3 meters long, and at the end is a USB Type-C connector. Activating the ADAS function.
Examples of video recording in different resolutions Inside the envelope with paper instructions and transparent stickers for installation on the windshield. The location is as convenient as possible, since it is the driver who will give the main control commands without leaving the road. It also comes with an extra piece of double sided tape. Good detailed video quality during daylight hours.
In addition to the DVR inside the box, we find a plastic holder pad for attaching the DVR to the car glass. Convenient control via a smartphone mobile application without looking for small text on compact screens. In fact, mobile software is quite versatile and is suitable for a large number of manufacturer’s devices. Or use PlayMarket and install the 70Mai app. There is no screen, and only one button is provided for control. Slightly pry off the edge and remove. Information about the DVR on the official website of 70mai
camera lens/aperture – 3G3P/F2.0; Probably, many have heard about such a chip in modern gadgets. Perhaps even more important monitored features may appear in the future. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules The 70mai M500 compact dash cam is a screenless model with built-in eMMC flash, advanced ADAS driver assistance system, 2592 x 1944 resolution and built-in GPS/GLONASS. While I was using the DVR, there came quite a significant update for the device itself and there was a mobile software update security. In the gallery, all footage is divided into separate folders with their purpose. We activate the WiFi connection, after which we connect the DVR to the vehicle’s on-board network. the capacity of the built-in battery is 500 mAh;
The 70mai Dash Cam M500 video recorder in the form of a compact parallelepiped. Of course, the best quality is obtained in the daytime. To install the mobile application, you can use the paper instructions, since the QR code is on the page of the Russified instruction. You can see the original files here.
On the front side, under a glossy overlay, there is a camera, slightly recessed into the case.
In your own settings, you can find an unusual menu item that looks like a logbook with a breakdown by time and date of recording. The accompanying functions of ADAS and GPS expand the capabilities of the gadget. camera with a viewing angle of 170 °; At the same time, control and configuration is carried out through a mobile application and by voice. The box with the DVR is more visual, contains information about the contents and key points that the manufacturer decided to highlight on the side. https://jiji.ng/cars/mercedes_benz-gl-class-2012 Initially, only one 70mai Dash Cam M500 DVR is meant to be sold, but if you decide to expand its capabilities by installing parking monitoring, you will have to purchase a special Hardwire Kit cable UP03.
Most of the points are clear and widely used in many registrars, but it is worth dwelling on the main ones. video resolution — 2592*1944P; I first got acquainted with this function several years ago, and at that moment it was undergoing its formation, so the logic of work was extremely inconvenient, and the video recorder often made mistakes.
Voice control allows you to say a command to take a photo without taking your eyes off the road. Both are in black, and if you can guess the contents of the box with the DVR, then in the case of an additional wire, it’s a little unclear. Perhaps in the future the manufacturer will expand the possibilities and it will be possible not only to connect pressure sensors, but also something else. I have several USB connectors in my car, so using an external power supply is inconvenient for me. You can also view the track on Google map here. From the driver’s side you can see the microphone hole. As long as it meets the current requirements.
The adhesive tape holds the pad quite tightly, so it is problematic to remove it. It really works and at some point you can activate the access point on the DVR (otherwise it must be activated by pressing the power button), take a photo, turn the microphone on / off. Day, maximum quality, track, against the sun. Be sure to read the instructions for a better understanding of the settings and connection.
Inside, as expected, the wire itself is prepared for direct connection to the car’s electrical wiring and a small paper instruction. 128GB Tests have shown that the power supply delivers even more current than stated. Followed by standard registration with e-mail and password.
Specifications As you can see, the photo image displays the date and time, as well as the speed and coordinates. There are two of them in the kit, so that in the future the DVR can be transferred to another car or reinstalled to another location. Packaging and accessories
The built-in memory capacity of the DVR is 32 GB.
Summary Here is one example of such an image. Therefore, in modern
In cars, you can not install the charging unit in the cigarette lighter socket, but use the already stationary USB connector. And if the software is installed fairly quickly, then it will take more time to install the firmware, since it takes almost 200 MB.
Above, I mentioned the video surveillance mode in the parking lot.
There are ventilation holes along the entire back side, and stickers with technical information between them. If especially you are at odds with electricity. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. After the update, I did not notice much difference in the menu items or the stability of the work. image sensor — OS05A10; The recorder did not freeze before even when recording video files lasting 5 minutes.

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