February 17, 2021

Software Testing Company Outsourcing Services, Ukraine

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We create a project plan, develop a proof-of-concept, prioritize features, and provide quality assurance. MVP is an excellent way to build a helpful product keeping resource consumption to a minimum.

Many specialists focus on functional testing, and most of them have over 3 years of experience in the field. This means that it is relatively easy to find a good mid-level QA engineer for functional testing. Quality Assurance software development is a highly dynamic process, and the requirements, as well as functionality, may change at any stage. A dedicated QA team can help you make sure every new feature works well with the rest of the product’s functions, and that the product still meets your requirements. They often think that their developers can take care of quality on their own.

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Our proven testing practices and test automation tools allow us to address issues and meet goals more efficiently. We test web, mobile, desktop software, SaaS, and games, both manually and automatically. Our goal is not to get you hooked on our services and trick you into paying more than primarily agreed. Fair play is everything for us, and we take pride in being 100% transparent with our customers. We stick to an agreed budget and timeframe at all times without padded hours or inaccurate SOWs.

With over 100 experienced specialists on board, we deliver healthcare software solutions to enhance the quality of treatment in the USA. Software testing solutions certifies the quality of the software based on the set of technical standards. Therefore we have curated the list of the top testing service provider in Ukraine for you to pick the reliable partner who can investigate and evaluate the quality of software. So it’s time to start accessing the list and select the best software testing company in Ukraine. Over the past few years, the Bladeware team has successfully delivered 20+ projects across different domains for different companies around the globe.

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Quality Engineer who is passionate about delivering high-quality products. We build trust through transparency and follow the principle of accurate estimates, on-time delivery, and honest response to no matter how tough or sensitive questions the client asks. You can rely on our tech team to support the product, maintain and modernize it. Deploy is propbably the most important part of the healthcare product development. The final software instalation, and configuration is our responsibility. “It is a hardworking development company that went out of their way to meet our needs.”

We started working with ScienceSoft on testing our core application called Careware. The application is quite complex and has many ERP and mobile elements in it. Software maintenance costs due to minimized leakage of defects, proactive QA during software evolution (e.g., timely regression and performance testing).

Alternatively, if you’d like to take a load off your shoulders, we can suggest best practices for collaboration based on your project requirements. Looking into the nature of our clients’ businesses helps us to tackle various challenges and uncover hidden business opportunities for outstaffing services devops teams our customers. Our QA team conducts all types of testing, from usability to security testing, to ensure that the final product works spotlessly. Founded in 2014 and Based in Montreal, Canada, Fintegro Company Inc. is a Top-notch IT staffing Company with back-office in Ukraine.

The Benefits Of Qa And Testing With Sytoss

QAwerk is a quality assurance company founded in Ukraine in 2015. Our testing specialists are real experts in major software testing types and can detect errors of any complexity. We provide quality outsourcing testing services and ensure that your product will be impeccable and bug-free. At Daxx, we have been helping businesses from all over the world hire Scaled agile framework Ukrainian software developers and offshore QA testing engineers for 22+ years. We can help you hire a top-notch offshore QA team in Ukraine while offering a unique cooperation model. We offer on-demand team extension services through custom recruitment and retention. We will find and pre-screen tech specialists who meet your project requirements 100%.

Ukraine Busts 2 Suspects Tied to Major Ransomware Group – BankInfoSecurity.com

Ukraine Busts 2 Suspects Tied to Major Ransomware Group.

Posted: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Rocketlab is a Testing as a Service company headquartered in Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland, with offices in Tallinn, Estonia, and Tallinn, Germany. They have experience working in the fields of financial services, government, and IT. QATestLab is a software testing provider headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine with an additional office in New Jersey. Founded in 2005, the team of 67 specializes in application testing. They work primarily with small business and midmarket clients in the IT industry. DeviQA enhanced testing environment for a big data solutions firm.

We want to change how software is built, by redefining who controls quality. Offering more than 20 types of QA services, we can cover absolutely every need in testing. Where ever you are, we will find hours that coincide with yours. We help you run a fully remote or hybrid team as per your project needs. The opportunities to make an impact are only as limited as your imagination.

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Since 1991, their team of more than 1,000 employees offers custom software development, web development, IT strategy consulting, mobile development and app testing services. They usually work with mid-sized clients in the information technology industry. Headquartered in Roseville, Calif. and founded in 2011, Solvd Inc. is a software development company with three additional locations in locations in Minsk, Ukraine, and Buenos Aires. Their team of 113 provides web development, mobile app development, and application testing for their mid market clients. They primarily work with companies in the health care, financial services, education, and media industries. ELITEX is a Javascript development company based in the UK and Ukraine. Our main expertise is custom software development using NodeJS, Angular, React and building dedicated development teams for your business or a startup.

The hair products company’s existing website was built on an external platform that was difficult to customize. Logicify evaluated other platform options and ensured the new site was customizable to the business’ needs. One feature Logicify built was a “product wizard” that helped online shoppers choose the right hair product for their needs. The new site experienced a decrease in bounce rates from 70% to 20%. Founded in 2001, Developex is a software development company that was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine with a secondary location in Vancouver. Their team of 231 specializes in custom software development, web development, app development, and application testing. Totango () is the leader in customer engagement monitoring and user insights for cloud apps.

We help build and extend dedicated development teams and R&D centers in Ukraine. TestMatick test engineers help us to improve our products and satisfy our customers. Thanks to a regional model of the company development we can afford to offer the software testing services by the most pleasant prices. Our experienced team can cover absolutely every need in QA outsourcing. You do not need to look for another software testing company to perform complex technical tasks. Because we strongly believe that the quality and reliability of your software products are crucial to the reputation of your company. Let us care about the quality of your solutions to bring success and profit to your business.

Qa & Software Testing Company Test Automation And Manual Testing Services

Developex entered at development partnership with a business intelligence software company to create design and implement that development for their software. The client was impressed with the level of efficiency they provided. They conducted quality testing on new interfaces for an e-faxing solution. They tested various scenarios to improve the platform’s performance.

qa team ukraine

Don’t give up if you’re unsuccessful first time round – we’ll contact you as soon as a suitable position appears. A strong Quality Assurance Team with a range of hard-to-come-by competencies and strengths as well a wealth of experience in QA & software testing outsourcing. Intellica developed several websites for a digital payment company by implementing several tools, including infographics and online calculators. Juggling multiple tasks, they proved to be capable and produced fulfilling final products. The websites appeal to users and have earned very positive feedback. An alternative payment processing network hired HiTech Service to augment its existing development team and create a retail-oriented cryptocurrency payment network.

Senior Qa Engineer Ukraine Remote

Average experience ranges from 1 year for junior specialists to 6 years for team leads. On average, QA engineers in Ukraine have between 2 and 5 years of experience in their field. The demand-supply ratio differs depending on the seniority level.

qa team ukraine

With Waverley as your QA company, you not only get the benefit of independent software testing services, you also get the pleasure of working with a team that has a strong domain focus. Regardless of the location, the QA and testing teams at Waverley provide you with an unbiased approach and in-depth knowledge of the software development and testing process. We partner with large corporations as their software testing company to ensure their vast enterprise systems are robust and resilient. Teams consisting of up to 30 engineers apply various testing types and strategies on different levels. Attention to detail and a multifaceted approach to the testing process are the key features of our software development life cycle. Plarium is a multinational software development company specializing in mobile and desktop games. We have studios in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Michigan, Krasnodar, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Odesa.

Testing Automation For Mastercard And Nike

We are also proficient in establishing continuous testing practices and integrating testing activities into CI/CD pipelines within the DevOps approach. Manual code review and automated code audit to ensure code’s quality and adherence to coding conventions.

It impacts product quality and helps to stay on budget avoiding the unexpected costs. Make sure your web-based product works properly, meets user expectations, and offers perfect performance and security.

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