April 21, 2022

Twitch rolls out SharePlay support on iPhone and iPad

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Twitch rolls out SharePlay support on iPhone and iPad

Twitch rolls out SharePlay support on iPhone and iPad

Twitch live streaming service has released another feature designed to bring viewers closer to each other. Twitch now supports SharePlay on iPhone and iPad, so up to 32 people can watch the same stream while in a group FaceTime call. Each participant in the call will need to be logged into the Twitch app and will be treated as a separate viewer.

How to start broadcasting

When you first open a stream during a group FaceTime call, Twitch will ask you if you want to play it for yourself or for everyone and remember your choice. If you decide to share it with everyone, the SharePlay feature will sync the stream across all devices so that all viewers will be watching the same moment at the same time. Play and pause controls are also synced across devices.

Want to watch Twitch with all your friends? Now you can on iPhone and iPad devices through SharePlay!

Learn more about how to watch streams together in a FaceTime call here: https://t.co/PIWwZ3OkpO

— Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) November 30, 2021

How SharePlay Twitch works

Anyone in a conversation can transfer everyone to another Twitch channel. Everyone will be able to interact with the streamer’s chat, follow it or subscribe to it. You can stream in portrait or landscape, but (at least at this stage) you can’t continue your https://es.opay.com.ng/page-abbyy-business-card-reader-como-una-forma-de-hacer-la-vida-mas-facil-al-procesar-informacion-de-tarjetas-de-visita SharePlay session on the Twitch app for Apple TV.

How to end the broadcast

A SharePlay session ends when a stream ends, you leave a FaceTime conversation, or you end SharePlay. If you end a stream, you will be asked if you want to end it for yourself or for everyone. If you select the latter option, the stream will not be closed on all other devices, but playback will no longer

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