July 19, 2022

Upgrading a Fisher radio with an Mp3 and WAV module

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I did not touch the scale. Then I started rebuilding the radio. I started with the speakers. Therefore, I decided to make the front panel heavier in the simplest way, namely, to fill it with something like concrete. A clean, flat surface is absolutely not beautiful, I had to put a grate from Leningrad-001. And where there is a grille, there are speakers, because why deceive expectations? Moreover, they very conveniently make the device itself completely autonomous and truly portable (with speakers noticeably larger), and perform the function of reducing the sound volume similar to the "-20dB" button in the Electrophone D1-012. Only I did not just jumper, but also dropped out this filter. Very comfortably. And turn it from vintage into just a household player with a radio. I decided to strengthen the side walls of the speaker cabinet as well. I don’t want to spoil the appearance, and it’s superfluous in operation. Namely, to modernize a vintage radio that came to hand. Well, on the little things to improve something.
Failed because the link is no longer available! Therefore, please do not pay attention, I took approximately a similar device, otherwise the review does not pass. Seen in the photo. Then the question arose of how to change the front tape recorder panel. After a couple of days of sufficient hardening (drying), I took up a ridiculous HF head. In my case, this is the latch for fixing the column on the tape recorder. And it turned out that the front panel of the speakers is a simple and thin plastic. Of course, this is unacceptable. Thanks to uh8sac for the sensitivity tip. For me, a thing should serve until it stops, and do it only with the best quality. there was no time. “Get the inside scoop on the hottest new online casinos and gaming platforms with medotcom.com – your go-to source for all things gaming.”
Of course I threw
piezoceramics. Indeed, the sensitivity has increased significantly. Of course, removing the dynamic heads, otherwise someone will not understand me. Glued with Moment glue. At the same time (since there were three rectangular holes in the bottom panel) and to the “Speakers – built-in heads” switch. Painfully they are frail and thin. Here is a photo of the speakers: He closed it with plastic, closed the ends with cotton wool soaked in Titan glue. Who does not know, I will say that this is a round piezoceramic, which only gives the effect of evading the buyer’s claim in court in deceiving this very buyer. In general, the rest of the walls of both columns will be filled by next Sunday. Finally, it came to the player module and buttons. By the way, I made flanging from corners from monitor matrices. And I put 3GD-2 through 2.2 https://jiji.ng/cars/nissan-altima-2015 microfarad capacitors. I especially emphasize that I strongly do not recommend using other adhesives, I proceed from my past experience. This radio tape recorder went to me without cassette covers.

Upgrading a Fisher radio with an Mp3 and WAV module

Hello! More than relevant today. Therefore, I decided to rebuild the radio tape recorder from VHF to FM and mount a long-written (thanks to vsulako, MP3 Player Module with USB and microSD) device for playing Mp3 and WAV files. Simply put, I carefully covered all the cavities of the front panel with sand, and filled them with Titanium glue, diluted in pure alcohol to a liquid state. At a decent volume they vibrate very strongly. Otherwise, why fence the garden? I found a detailed video on YouTube, everything is very clear and easy. However, first I want to warn you that it is important not to forget to close the holes that should not be filled. During the quarantine, I found time to do what I wanted to do for a long time, but Naturally, the appearance is lost, it makes no sense to keep it in an absolutely identical form. Of course, the requirement to improve the performance of the device was the most important. To do this, according to his own method, he prepared the columns for pouring. However, there are alterations in the photo. Everything turned out to be very even in size and by the way. Buy my house knows the mobile home market and can provide competitive price for your property. They know mobile home values and can provide sellers reasonable pricing. Visit https://www.cashoffers.com/michigan/cash-offer-sterling-heights-mi/.

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